Our People

Get to know the Atlanta home renovation and remodeling professionals at MOSAIC Group Architects and Remodelers.

Scott Foerst, Remodeling Consultant

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Working with such a dedicated group of professionals who love what they do can only convey to our clients, friends and families. Sharing what you know and helping others with their homes and lifestyles is great group synergy.

First Job: Local newspaper created by me and my twin sister for our street at age 8 (I think). It was a great summer, and we thought the stories we shared with our neighbors were the best!

Favorite Leisure Activities: Biking, watercolors and spending family time with my wife and two daughters.

Favorite Foods: Anything pasta. I love it, but it doesn’t return the favor. Love iced tea or an Arnold Palmer in the summer.

Favorite Books: Anything Dan Brown or Caleb Carr. I like books that wrap fact-based history into the characters and story line.

Jennifer Reed, Remodeling Consultant

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: The feeling that everyone is on the same team and where honesty and transparency are an everyday expectation.

First Job: Dunkin Donuts/Lifeguard.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Tennis.

Favorite Drink: Rich glass of Red…or an ice-cold Beer!

Favorite Books: “My Sisters Keeper”

Favorite Movies: Not much of a movie person…(find it hard to sit still for that long) but anything with Denzel Washington is worth giving it a shot!

Stacey Lucas, Architect and Interior Designer

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Being involved with all phases of design and construction.

First Jobs: Baker.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Running marathons and swimming.

Favorite Food and Drink: New Orleans cuisine and Pimm’s cup.

Favorite Books: “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger and “Still Life With Woodpecker” by Tom Robbins.

Favorite Movies: James Bond 007 series.

Daniel J. Scalise (DJ), Architectural Designer

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Back to my roots with single-family custom homes.

First Jobs: Office gopher for my Dad.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Coaching softball for my three daughters.

Favorite Food and Drink: A great steak with a nice red wine.

Favorite Books: “Friday” by Robert Heinline; “The Masters of Rome” series by Colleen McCullough; and the “Master and Commander” series by Patrick O’Brian.

Favorite Movies: “Cool Hand Luke,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Life of Brian” and Godfather I-II.

Melissa Austin, Kitchen & Bath Designer/Selections Coordinator

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Working in an incredibly team-oriented environment where we all strive to provide the same high quality, one-of-a-kind product to our clients.

First Jobs: CVS Photo Tech.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Crossfit, attending food and beer festivals, and traveling.

Favorite Foods: A big, juicy steak and glass of Pinot Noir.

Favorite Books: “The Color Purple.”

Favorite Movies: “The Dark Knight,” “The Judge,” and “Wedding Crashers.”

Marc Rosenfeld, Director of Production

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Very professional co-workers.

First Job: Subdivision management.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Enjoys gardening and landscaping.

Favorite Food: Everything Mexican.

Favorite Book: “Lambs, Bulls, Tigers and Owls” by Charles Clarke.

Favorite Movie: “Forrest Gump”

Michael Joseph, Project Manager

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: The challenge of working on unique projects.

First Job: Helper for a paint contractor.

Favorite Leisure Activity: Long walk with my dog on a bright crisp day.

Favorite Drink: Soda water and cranberry juice.

Favorite Book: “Bourne Identity.”

Favorite Movie: “Shawshank Redemption.”

Norman Joss, Project Manager / Sales

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Working with really smart  professionals in the renovation industry. Always feeling proud of the top quality work MOSAIC performsThe trust and caring that MOSAIC demonstrates is unparalleled.

First Job:  Working in the parts department of an automobile dealership.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Golfing, motorcycle trips, paddling and birding, playing Chicago-style blues harmonica in a garage band, cooking and hanging out with loved ones.

Favorite Food and Drink: A cup of Peet’s coffee to start the morning. I enjoy all ethnic foods with Indian, Bangladeshi and Vietnamese being top of the list.

Favorite Book:  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” “Siddhartha” and all things Hesse, Sarte and Camus.

Favorite Movie: “Muscle Shoals,” “The King’s Speech,” ”Searching for Sugar Man.”

Bernabe Arcia-Gonzalez, Carpenter/Handyman

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Friendly and professional environment.

First Job: Do not remember the name of it.

Favorite Leisure Activity: Watch movies.

Favorite Drink: Heineken.

Favorite Book: “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

Favorite Movie: “Pale Rider.”

Ken Alexander, Estimator

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Team-centric environment with an energetic staff that exhibits healthy long-term goals.
First Job: Construction intern building new homes with my father in northern Minnesota.
Favorite Leisure Activity: Enjoying my grandkids!
Favorite Food and Drink: Thai (hotter the better) with dark European beer (aspiring multicultural epicurean).
Favorite Book(s): Still debating. Candidates are by authors John Varley, Harry Harrison, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Michael Crichton and others.
Favorite Movie(s): “Riddick,” “Escape From LA,” and “Dune.”

Laura Friend, Controller

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Being surrounded by highly creative people and hoping some of that creativity rubs off on me.

First Job: Babysitter.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Reading, beach trips and college football games.

Favorite Foods: Anything my husband cooks for me.

Favorite Movie: “Rear Window”

Favorite Book: “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Brittany Schwarz, Office Manager

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Working for a passionate company with a great culture.

First Job: Tanning Salon

Favorite Leisure Activities: Cooking, Painting and Hanging out with Friends.

Favorite Food and Drink: Tacos and Diet Coke.

Favorite Book: “The Secret”

Favorite Movies: “My Cousin Vinny” and “Monster-In-Law.”

Sylvia Small, Marketing Director

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: It’s a first-class organization that stresses client service and values each employee’s contributions to the overall team effort.

First Job: Usher (turned into a full-time job in public relations with a professional sports team).

Favorite Leisure Activities: Traveling, reading and working in the yard.

Favorite Foods: Desserts and anything I don’t have to cook.

Favorite Books: With limited time lately, I tend to read more magazines than books.

Favorite Recent Movies: “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” “Million Dollar Arm,” and “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”

William Fadul, Co-Founder

Role at MOSAIC: Lead remodeling consultant and sales management, business guy (CFO-ish) and resident elder. Oh, and company proofreader.

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: Above all, I’m excited to see this business evolve into something that gives me great pride – our values and commitment are very real, practiced and grounded. The finished product is tremendously satisfying, but the relationships we create are even more so.

First Job: YMCA Summer Camp counselor in North Carolina – introduced to bird-sized horseflies.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Outside-biking and hiking; Inside-reading.

Favorite Food and Drink: Perfectly grilled salmon with fresh vegetables…Seasons 52! Fine wine provided by my oenophile wife (don’t have to worry, it’s always fantastic).

Favorite Books: No one favorite – anything Walker Percy (“The Moviegoer”) wrote. Ditto Barbara Kingsolver (“The Bean Trees”). And I read a lot of non-fiction.

Favorite Movies: “Ghandi,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “Love Actually,” “Chocolat” and yes, “The Wizard of Oz” (every year as a kid)! No gore and blood, please.

Rick Goldstein, Co-Founder

Role at MOSAIC: Co-founder and co-owner. Registered Architect responsible for all design work and field production.

Best Thing About Working at MOSAIC: As co-owner of the company, my schedule is flexible. I get to choose any 65 hours to work each week.

First Jobs: Mowing lawns, lifeguarding and teaching tennis.

Favorite Leisure Activities: Playing tennis, jet skiing and any excuse to hike in the mountains.

Favorite Food and Drink: A good filet steak and a tall glass of Nestle Quick chocolate milk.

Favorite Books: “The Fountainhead,” “Pillars of the Earth” and anything written by Clive Cussler.

Favorite Movies: “Amadeus,” “Forest Gump,” “Rocky,” “Schindler’s List,” “Sound of Music,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “Star Wars” and “Wizard of Oz.”