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MOSAIC Group in the Community

We are looking for opportunities of all kinds to embed ourselves in the communities where we work, to become part of the social fabric of the neighborhoods in which we ply our trade. This is by no means just an economic opportunism, although obviously we are in business to do business and we love toRead More

True to Ourselves

As frustrating as the nature of our business can be — oh the stories to tell — we are reminded constantly that we cannot allow the unavoidable head-slapping moments to overshadow the wonderful connections we make with our clients, tradespeople and vendors. This week alone I have experienced three “examples” of what mutually respectful professionalRead More

Service is Valued, Value is Worth Paying For

I’ve recently seen a spate of stories about “haggling” and even one profile of a professional haggler giving tips on how to get the best deal, replete with angles, strategies, and brow-beating. Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a lifetime sales shopper, and I attribute that largely to my parents’ frugal ways.Read More

Green Gutcheck

Having just left my group study session for a NARI Green Professional exam slated for July 18, I find my thoughts once again drifting into “what does green mean?” territory. Our group — there are about ten of us — has had some provocative side discussions which have touched often on ethics, philosophy, values, andRead More